October 4, 2015 Darren

‘Win’Wood takes honours at Brands Hatch

Mark Winwood provided one of the unexpected surprises of the season at Brands Hatch when he took a well-deserved overall victory after finishing second in the sprint race, followed by victory in the endurance. Mark didn’t have it all his own way, as a postrace stewards panel deemed Mark to have jumped the start of the sprint and received a 10 second time penalty, forcing him down to fourth, however he showed his determination and quickly bounced back and after 28 laps crossed the finish line to take his and Team Yobs first win of the championship – followed closely by Julian Thomas.


The sprint race was a tightly contended affair, with Darren Kirk coming out with the victory, followed across the line by Mark, John and Julian. After the penalty, the order changed with John second, Julian third and Mark fourth. John took the overall fastest lap. Sam made a surprise improvement to 5th place, followed by Stephen Dye with a career best 6th. With the grid inverted for race two, Sanjoy and Kevin found themselves on the front of the grid. After a smooth first corner, carnage broke out in Druids causing a lot of cars to try and claim the same piece of tarmac after some very late braking (we’ve been reliably informed that the brake was applied, albeit gently) from Lee Cordell. Going into Graham Hill, Stephen Dye took the ‘alternative’ line across the grass and span, sending Darren Kirk across the grass, into a spin and dead last, 20 seconds down on the leaders. Julian, John and Mark quickly took the top three positions after the pack and shaken out a bit. After a few lead changes between the top three, John made a mistake in Druids and was surprised to see Darren charging through the field and up to third. He would eventually catch up to within 2 seconds of the lead on lap 27, taking the fastest lap, before his tyres went through Paddock Hill but managed to hold third in front of John. Once again, Sam crossed the line in 5th place, equalling his best result with Dan Fox in 6th, Lee in 7th and Kevin in 8th. Posh Stiffy had their own battle at the back with Stephen Dye besting his stand in team mate Sanjoy after Dan Cooke decided to spend his evening in sunny Portugal with an overheated laptop.

Overall standings for the event left Mark with the victory with 38 points, with Darren with 37, Julian 34 and John with 30.

Mark Winwood

Mark Winwood

Darren extends his lead at the top of the championship to 9 points over John, with Julian and Mark within 18 points of the lead. There is a bit of a gap before the tight midfield, with just 14 points covering 5th – 10th.

Drivers Championship

DriverNumberTeamWinsPodiumsFastest LapsTop 5RacesPoints
D. Kirk5Bandito Racing394910*154
J. Holman7Team Foxhole37288147
J. Thomas1Team Racelogic264910*130
M. Winwood3Team Yob1401010*124
S. Newland6Bandito Racing120710106
D. Fox8Team Foxhole00011064
S. Dye10Posh Stiffy Racing00011050
K. Bursnall4Team Yob0001840
S. Chakraborty11Independent0102838
O. Khan13Team Racelogic0102434
D. Cooke9Posh Stiffy Racing0000630
L. Cordell2Team Racelogic0000417
G. Watson14Posh Stiffy Racing000023
T. Hunter12Independent000000

Bandito Racing overtook Team Foxhole in the Teams Standings, with just one point separating the two teams.  Team Yob and Team Racelogic find themselves only 3 points apart, with Posh Stiffy Racing bringing up the rear.

Team Championship

PositionTeamWinsPodiumsFastest LapsTop 5sRacesPoints
1Bandito Racing41141610287
2Team Foxhole3721010228
3Team Racelogic2841210210
4Team Yob1401110195
5Posh Stiffy Racing00011086