December 10, 2015 Darren

Thomas visits winners circle

The Racelogic R8 GT3 circus travelled to Dijon-Prenois for an exciting third round of the championship.

Julian qualified on pole position, a tenth clear of Darren in second and Mark in third. Despite having a slightly sluggish start, Julian was able to retain his position with careful car placement into turn 1 with Darren having to lift off the throttle out to avoid a barrier and Jon and Sam making blistering starts to be 2nd and 3rd through the first corner. Darren overtook Sam for third Mark found himself deep into the gravel in Turn 1 after ‘Posh Clutch’ Dan tagged him on the way in along with Dan Fox.

With Julian taking the lead and placing his car perfectly, Jon spent 7 laps within a second and a half from Julian but unable to overtake for the lead resulting in Julian’s and Team Racelogics first win of the season. Darren was a second behind this battle in 3rd until a death wobble around the final corner dropped him off the back of the leaders and was followed by his team mate Sam in fourth. Mark rounded out the top 5 after a strong recovery drive. Sanjoy was 6th, a vast improvement from Brands Hatch and Omar followed in 7th, leaving Dan Fox and the Posh Stiffy cars bringing up the rear.

Inverting the grid for Race 2 always provides an exciting start and it was all going so well until chaos unfolded in Gauche de la Bretelle. I have no idea what happened as I haven’t seen the replay, but I can report that both Posh Stiffy cars disappeared off into the lead, followed by myself – and there was no sign of Julian, Mark, John or Sam on my relative board at the end of lap one.  Omar was facing the wrong way at one point, Jon was tagged and on the grass and that’s as much as I know at this point.

Sam was tagged by two cars during the race judging by the screams of protests, Mark drove a brilliantly controlled race to hold Jon at bay and pushing Darren towards the end but by this point, the race was over between the top few positions and that’s how it ended with Mark 2nd, Jon 3rd, Julian following in 4th and Sam 5th. Dan Fox redeemed himself with a solid 6th, followed by Omar in 7th, Stephen Dye in 8th Dan Cooke 9th and Sanjoy bringing up the rear.

  • Julian took his first pole position and first race win.
  • Darren failed again to score a pole position.
  • There have been 4 different winners in 6 races.
  • No-one has managed to achieve both wins or both fastest laps in a race evening.
  • Sam and Sanjoy scored their highest results with a 4th and 6th place respectively.
  • Dan Cooke realised that the left pedal is the clutch not the brake.
  • Darren’s +5 luck in the second race resulted in another overall win, but the luck has to run out at some point with Julian, John and Mark closely chasing behind.
  • Sam continued his blistering starts but this time did not hit anyone in Turn 1.
  • There were no steward’s enquiries.
  • There were no screams about blue flags
  • Omar joined the series with two 7th place finishes.

With Thruxton as the next round will we see a return of Lee Cordell and Kevin Bursnall, will Darren’s luck run out and will we see another new race winner…. It’s certainly shaping up to be an exciting end to the series!