September 23, 2015 Darren

Fitbits & Lap Records

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the various ‘wearables’ which have appeared on the market in the past few years, but it was only this weekend I made the decision to pick up a FitBit Charge HR.

I’ve always liked the look of the Microsoft Band – especially for the Golf tracker, but as soon as social media is tied into a wearable the battery life of the band seems to rapidly decrease.

I settled for a FitBit Charge HR – firstly to persuade me to continue to remain active, and also for the Heart Rate function.

We’ve just returned from Simply Race for the practice for second round of the R8 Championship at Brands Hatch. I’ve never been a fan of Brands before, I remember having a few good results in GT3 on the full circuit on iRacing, but every time Brands came up on Race 07, I would struggle.

Not yesterday. Not only did I manage to qualify in pole position, I’ve managed to set the lap record for the Audi R8 at Brands Hatch @ Simply Race. I have no doubt this time will be shattered next week, but for now I can bask in the glory of my first ever ‘Lap Record!’

Simply Race Lap Record

Simply Race Lap Record

The quality of the competition was strong as well, with two real life racing drivers in the field – Julian Thomas (Fun Cup and Classic E-Type) and Goofy Pirro, son of Emanuele Pirro (ex F1 driver and 5 time Le Mans 24-hour winner.)

I did record my heart race for the race we did at the end, it peaked at 121bpm during the start, but dropped to about 80 throughout the race.

Heart Rate

Heart Rate

I’m pretty certain this will never happen again, so I’m going to make the most of it. However it is next week where it all counts and I’m expecting a strong challenge from Jonathan, Julian and Mark who are just behind me in the championship.