August 19, 2015 Darren

Pre-Season Form Guide

As we approach the start of our season, a few alterations have been made to the championship to keep it simple.

  • Tyres and Fuel will remain off. Tyre heat will remain in play, so be careful about overheating your tyres. This is the same as our practice session yesterday.
  • Please all try and re-join the track in a safe manner if you have an incident or go off track.
  • Race 2 will be a reverse grid based on the results of Race 1.

The championship itself is looking to shape up nicely, with the teams looking very well matched. We’ve put together a tongue in cheek form guide based on the initial event and last night, and at the end of every race we’ll do an update with results.


Form Guide


Team Racelogic



Julian Thomas

Grade: A

F1 likeness: Michael Schumacher

As the only real life racing driver with the experience of winning several championships, Julian has the most amount of experience on a real track and will be watched closely to see how this translates to the virtual world.


Lee Cordell

Grade: C+

F1 likeness: Max Verstappen

An extremely strong showing from Lee in the initial practice with no experience at all, Lee will be looking to build on this experience after missing out on pre-season testing.


Sanjoy Chakraborty

Grade: C

F1 Likeness: Giedo Van de Garde

Jumping in the deep end in replacement to Lee, Sanjoy, like Giedo, finds himself as the 3rd driver in a team of two. Sanjoy showed a vast improvement from the start to end of the session, not far off the pace of the more experienced drivers and will be ready to jump into an empty seat should one arise.



Team Yob



Mark Winwood

Grade: A

F1 likeness: Kimi Raikkonen

Preferring to do his talking on the track, Mark has the speed to win and will be looking to maximise opportunities to visit the top step of the podium more than once.


Kevin Bursnall

Grade: C

F1 likeness: Marcus Ericsson

After a vast improvement was shown in pre-season testing, Kevin will want to get involved in the midfield scrap and with consistency is likely to spring a few surprises on his competitors.



Bandito Racing



Darren Kirk

Grade: A

F1 Likeness: Juan Pablo Montoya

Fast over one lap, but does he have the consistency needed to win? Span in two of the preseason events from a strong position and left to fight through the field on recovery drives, if the mistakes can be eliminated should be challenging for the drivers’ championship.


Sam Newland

Grade: C

F1 likeness: Pastor Maldonado

Quick at times but rather inconsistent. Will we see a return of his banditing ways, or has Sam elevated himself firmly into the midfield? Odds on favourite for first into the gravel trap.



Team Foxhole



Jonnie Holman

Grade: A*

F1 likeness: Sebastian Vettel

Winner of three practice races, and fastest lap in practice, Jonnie is going to be the firm favourite for the drivers’ championship from race 1.


Dan Fox

Grade: B

F1 likeness: Valtteri Bottas

A strong midfield candidate with excellent race craft, Dan will be looking to cause an upset in a few rounds and will be fighting for podiums, as well as adding solid points towards the team championship.



Posh Stiffy Racing



Dan Cooke

Grade: B –

F1 likeness: James Hunt

Despite Dan’s commitment issues, if he sticks at the championship and finds some more speed out of the car, Dan should be knocking on the door of the podium on more than one occasion.


Stephen Dye

Grade: C

F1 likeness: Andrea De Cesaris

Specialist in the wet. Tense and stiff behind the wheel at first, Stephen Dye is starting to loosen up and find some pace… snail’s pace, but pace nonetheless. Stephen will be looking at capitalising on any chaos in front and will prove firm competition towards the end of the races, rising up the order. Performance can be severely affected by alcohol.