August 10, 2015 Darren

2014 iRacing Daytona 2.4hrs

Race Report from the 2014 Daytona 2.4hrs


“I lined up 8th in split 17 in the RUF and made steady progress throughout the first hour of the race, with a controlled and steady drive avoiding the incidents unfolding on the track. Despite having some heavy rear contact into the chicane on lap 10, the car managed to escape unscathed and I battled for 5th place in class. A slight error at 1hr 40 minutes into the race I put the car sideways coming out of turn 2, the car behind was caught out and drove straight into the front right of my car, causing it to pitch badly and made it undrivable. After towing back to the pits and 2 minutes of repairs, I managed to get the car back out on track, however I was down in 18th place in class after losing three laps. Despite clawing this back to 10th place in class with about 20 minutes to go, the fuel situation was looking bad with it projected to run dry with two laps to the finish, so after a late splash and dash I emerged behind 11th place in class, and 20 seconds behind 10th. On the second from last lap, I took 10th place back and drove to the finish, finishing 15th overall.