Race Control for Sim Centres


Race Control should be able to have one way communication to every pod, or individual pods as required.
Pods should connect automatically to server at startup.
Race Control should be divide the room into groups.


Pod Setup

Install Teamspeak – don’t bother with any of the Overwolf stuff when it asks.

Run TeamSpeak 3 and connect to your intended server. Ignore the automatic setup wizard.


  • Add to bookmark
  • More
  • Set ‘Connect on Startup’ to checked
  • Apply and OK

Race Control 1

  • Options

Applications Tab

  • Activate Microphone Automatically – Disabled
  • Reconnect – Enabled
  • Warn when talking while microphone is muted – Disabled
  • Start TeamSpeak Automatically with Windows – Enabled

Race Control 2

Design Tab

  • Tray Icon – Minimize to Tray

Race Control 3

Playback Tab

  • Select Playback Device.
  • You can also set the volume here.

Race Control 4

Notification Tab

  • Sound Pack – Sounds deactivated.

Race Control 5

Once setup on each Pod, the PC will automatically connect to TeamSpeak, enter the default channel.

Race Control

Connect in the same way as the pods as an user with admin privileges.

Run Setup Wizard to set up Microphone

From Race Control, you can create several channels to divide the room, or drag clients into a race control room to speak to them individually or in groups.

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